Holistic Health Consultation

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Taking a natural approach to health and healing

A holistic approach to tackling health issues means we take into consideration all aspects of a persons health. We try to understand the root cause of the current health issues not just looking at the symptoms themselves and treating the symptoms only. We look at the person as a whole and consider the bigger picture of what is going on below the surface. The symptoms we experience is like the body talking to us and expressing a deeper imbalance. The body is giving us clues as to what is going on, instead of masking these symptoms with medications we try to understand where and why they are occurring. We are holistic beings, what effects us physically can effect us mentally & emotionally just as anything mentally and emotionally can effect us physically. So it makes sense that we should look at our health care in a holistic way also.

All aspects of our being needs to be cared for and nourished

In the Bia Beo practice we take a naturopathic and holistic approach with our treatment plans. This means we use a combination of Nutritional TherapyHerbal Medicine and lifestyle changes to achieve lasting results. Each client is taken as an individual and a treatment plan is tailor made to suit each and every clients needs. There is a focus on tackling any health issue from all angles, its important to feed and nourish ourselves on all levels. Everything we put in and on our body, everything we are exposed to physically, emotionally and mentally; these are all the ways we can feed and nourish our entire being. When we give our body and mind everything it needs we are supporting our bodies own natural healing abilities. 

The Consultation

The initial consultation is a 90min in depth one on one meeting. The first half of this meeting is for you to tell your story and go into detail about the issues you have been facing. We will gather all this vital information and ask all the relevant questions to build a full picture of what is going on and how best to proceed in your particular case. The second half of our meeting will focus on the recommended treatment plan for your needs. We will spend time discussing our plan of action and how we can best implement it to suit you. You will be given detailed instructions on dietary and lifestyle changes along with all the guidance and support to be able to achieve your goals. You will receive recipes and meal ideas, and also extra information to help you better understand why you may have been suffering with your current symptoms. Personalised herbal remedies will also be included in your treatment plan to help support the healing process. Herbal remedies are a wonderful component of our treatment plans, they are a gentle and effective way of accelerating healing and bringing balance to all systems in the body, and can be pivotal to the healing process. You will also be guided on recommended supplements that may be beneficial for your specific needs. Follow up appointments are recommended periodically depending on the level of support you need. After the initial consultation it is recommended to have a follow up appointment 3-4 weeks later to have a full review and make sure we are on the right track with everything. Follow up appointments are a shorter time of 60min.

Health Conditions

This holistic approach has been shown to be very effective with a wide range of ailments. Some of the most common health issues we have seen in the Bia Beo practice which have greatly benefited include; skin issues such as eczema, acne, rashes; digestive issues such as IBS and acid reflux; autoimmune conditions such as Crohn’s disease, lupus and arthritis; Women’s health issues such as PCOS, hormonal acne, irregular periods and PMS; low energy, low mood, fertility for men and women, eating disorders, high cholesterol, high BP and weight loss.


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