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Holistic Health Consultations

  • 1st Consultation: 90min : €75
  • Follow up Consultations: 60min : €60
  • €10 OFF ALL Consultations for Students & Unemployed

Bia Beo Detox Programme

  • The Mega Detox: 6 Weeks : €320
  • The Mini Detox: 3 Weeks : €195

Food Intolerance Testing

  • Food Intolerance Test with 90min Consultation & 12 Week Programme: €175
  • Follow up appointments: 60min : €60

Gut Healing Programme

  • Consultation & Analysis of stool test results: 90min : €85
  • Follow up Consultations: 60min : €60
  • Optional Food Intolerance Test: €110
  • GI EcologiX Stool Test with Invivo: £289 (roughly €319)    Usually £339 (€375)

Herbal Remedy Price List

Title Quantity Price
Personalised Herbal Complex 300ml €38
Personalised Herbal Complex 200ml €27
Personalised Herbal Complex 100ml €13
Personalised Bath Salts with Essential Oils 450g €12
Topical Healing Oil Blend 100ml €6
Topical Herbal Skin Cream 30g €6
Topical Herbal Skin Cream 60g €10
Topical Herbal Deep Tissue Salve 30g €8
Topical Herbal Deep Tissue Salve 60g €15
Personalised Herbal Tea Blend 100g €8
Merlak Probiotic Drops 30ml €13
Merlak Probiotic Drops 50ml €22
Specialised herbal remedy dropper bottles 30ml €8
Specialised herbal remedy dropper bottles 50ml €12

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“I am so happy with the results achieved following Rachael’s recommendations and remedies! She helped me get over 5 years of severe digestion issues in about 6 months following her treatment and guidance after trying multiple conventional treatments without success over the years.
I really enjoy our consultations, she’s very diligent and kind, couldn’t recommend more :)”

– Karol Manenti

“I have been seeing Rachael for several months now and it simply changed my life! I went primarily to her because of skin issues- rosacea on my cheeks- and digestion problems. But answering her very thorough questionnaire and questioning my lifestyle, I realized I needed much more help than I thought. She helped me see how much changing my habits and food I eat have an impact on my skin, my digestion but also my moods, my energy and my mindset… After a few months, I feel like a new person with new energy and less sadness in me… and a much better skin! She taught me so many things I want to keep learning about. She really takes her time with you and makes you feel like you are her only patient. I can only recommend her: she’s supportive and knowledgeable. It feels good after the dermatologists and other practitioners I saw who didn’t help at all.”

– Julie Thouément

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