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Since the COVID pandemic the Bia Beo practice has moved online. Clients can still expect to receive the exact same service and level of care but in the safety and comfort of your own home. All consultations are held by video calls on Zoom and all materials such as recommendations sheets and recipes are e-mailed to you after your session. Any orders such as herbal remedies and probiotics are posted out to clients.

For Food Intolerance Testing the equipment for taking your finger prick blood sample is posted out to you with a stamped and addressed envelope to return for processing. There is an instructional video supplied to clients with clear and easy steps to follow.


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“I am so happy with the results achieved following Rachael’s recommendations and remedies! She helped me get over 5 years of severe digestion issues in about 6 months following her treatment and guidance after trying multiple conventional treatments without success over the years.
I really enjoy our consultations, she’s very diligent and kind, couldn’t recommend more :)”

– Karol Manenti

“I have been seeing Rachael for several months now and it simply changed my life! I went primarily to her because of skin issues- rosacea on my cheeks- and digestion problems. But answering her very thorough questionnaire and questioning my lifestyle, I realized I needed much more help than I thought. She helped me see how much changing my habits and food I eat have an impact on my skin, my digestion but also my moods, my energy and my mindset… After a few months, I feel like a new person with new energy and less sadness in me… and a much better skin! She taught me so many things I want to keep learning about. She really takes her time with you and makes you feel like you are her only patient. I can only recommend her: she’s supportive and knowledgeable. It feels good after the dermatologists and other practitioners I saw who didn’t help at all.”

– Julie Thouément

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